Tym Moss is a dynamic New York City performer.  He is a Singer/Songwriter, Actor/Writer, Stage Host, Producer, etc. He has performed on stages around the country and appeared in film, TV and theater. Tym will be starring in a feature independent musical film called JUNK, scheduled for theatrical release in 2018.

Tym can be heard on his weekly internet radio show Artists Exposed with Tym Moss on BearRadio.net & RainbowRadio.com.

He has a very powerful Cabaret show at Don’t Tell Mama in October. 

Tym Moss’ 2 music videos, BUY & OBEY and FREE AGAIN (which was filmed partly at the NYC LGBT Expo) are available to view on YouTube. 

TYM is also one of the hosts in the Video Lounge here at the NYC LGBT Expo.

He has hosted or performed in the Pride events in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island and NYC Pridefest. 

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