Stage: T-Boy To Perform


August 8, 2017

Sobel Promotions is proud to present  T-Boy, performance artist and New York City DJ.  

Tallahassee born, Miami raised, New York groomed, T-boy is a stand-alone army of one, bringing his eclectic, sexy, gender-bending take on drag, heavily inspired by Rock n Roll and Hip-Hop.  A 3 time Glammy award winner, T-Boy brings to the stage a highly stylized, tight, well thought out performance, mixing old-school dance beats with tight choreography and deep vocals.  

He is the subject of a Kick-Starter funded, Feature length documentary by director Tobias Daniels.  The film follows T-Boy internationally, through roughly 8 years of performances and interviews and highlights the amazing journey and  true struggle it is, to sustain as a performance artist in New York City.  

T-Boy’s debut album, “Acquired Taste” is set to release soon and T-Boy is already on iTunes with his first two singles, a fiery dance song about “Pride” and owning your individuality and your HIV status, “Magnificent Soul”, song and video out now.  

“Lick My Boots” is T-Boy’s sexy, second single and is pretty self explanatory!  A video for “Boots” releases February 2016.