Stage: DJ Ray Isaac To Perform


August 21, 2017
Ray Isaac is an independent Singer-Songwriter-DJ with intoxicating lyrics and an insanely energetic performance style. His debut single ‘I Don’t Give A Damn’ (Universal/MOS) went to number 11 on the Aria charts. His next single “U Want or U Don’t” hit number 7 on the AIR Charts. His third single “Who I Am” is an empowering ballad he wrote about being free and fighting for equality and acceptance in our society, now used for AntiBully campaigns in both the US and Indonesia. Ray’s single ‘Travolta’ is a disco pop flash which was just endorsed by John Travolta himself who said he is flattered by the song and supports the release on Vevo. He recently wrote the Pride Anthem ‘We Stand United’ with all proceeds go to the Pulse Club Foundation in Orlando.
Ray has music co-written and released now with Bob Sinclar (Reached Number 23 Gold Status on Italy Pop Charts as of this publication), Chris Willis, Ministry of Sound, Ultra music, Blackhole Records, Robbie Rivera, Fierce Angel, Peace Bisquit and Defected.
In addition to performing his hit singles, Ray will be acting up to the Expo crowd in his re-invention of “DJ” by seducing his audience with Pop/House remixes saturated with tribal undertones in brooding arrangements which hark back to the day of hands-in-the-air fanfare. He currently DJ’s NYC Hotspots including Bagatelle (Meatpacking), Atlas Social Club, Boxers, Stonewall, The Monster, Delancey and Dos Caminos.