Stage: Dante Lite To Perform


August 16, 2017

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Dante Lite has always been surrounded by music and dance. Throughout his life he has taken an interest in the arts and found an affinity for the pop and EDM world. Dante Lite’s pushed out songs like “Party In My Pants”, a catchy, fun and energetic electro-pop tune that was a guaranteed party starter, “Encore”, a remix of DJ Makj J and Henry Wong, “Captured My Heart”, a love song with high energy and a catchy hook. He has performed at many vendors including the iconic Stonewall INN as well as at the well renowned LGBT Expo. Dante Lite is striving to be the best he is capable of and has his sights on dominating the music industry. With his amazing tracks and demanding stage presence he is here to once again take the stage at the LGBT Expo and give a show to remember!

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