Seminar: One Of Forty-Nine: A Revolution Of Love


September 8, 2017
One Of Forty-Nine: A Revolution Of Love
Presented By Cuban Artist Santiago Hermes
Join Cuban artist Santiago Hermes as he speaks on how the loss of the 49 victims at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, including his personal friend Edward Sotomayor Jr., and how it changed not only his own life but has inspired change in the small artist city of Cienfuegos Cuba.  He will speak to his personal experience of how “Top Hat Eddie’s” life and tragic death began to bridge the gap between the LGBT community in the USA and Cuba.  He will also speak about how this has permeated his work in supporting his entire community, and how he has created 49 paintings to honor the 49 lost at Pulse.  Through the advocacy and sales of these paintings Santiago will be able to support an entire community of artists living below poverty in Cuba.