Seminar: It’s Taboulie Time! A Colorful Cooking Demo With Julie Taboulie


March 4, 2016


It’s Taboulie Time! A Colorful Cooking Demo With Julie Taboulie
Presented By Julie Taboulie , Celebrity Chef

A salad, a nickname and a stage name by yours truly, Julie Taboulie.

It’s tart, it’s tangy, and it’s tasty. It’s non-other than Visit Syracuse’s very own “Queen of Lebanese Cuisine” Celebrity Chef Julie Taboulie’s namesake, signature salad, taste-bud-tantalizing, “Taboulie.” LGBT attendees get your taste-buds tingling because Lebanese cuisine culinary star, Julie Taboulie, is about to take you on a tasty tour of creating, cooking and celebrating her namesake, signature salad, the one and only, Taboulie!

Originating in the mountains of Mount Lebanon, this famous dish is known as the “Queen Salata” throughout the land. This fresh and finely chopped significant salad consists of fresh parsley, spearmint, scallions, vine-ripe ruby-red tomatoes, and fine bulgur wheat which combine together in a tidal-wave of fresh lemon juice and olive oil sprinkled with sea salt making for a luscious and light Lebanese salad that is incredibly refreshing! This special salad typically accompanies most Lebanese dishes and is served as part of the “Mezze,” appetizers or alongside an array of main courses “Asha” making for mouthwatering and memorable Middle Eastern meals that you won’t want to miss.

Syracuse area native, Julie Taboulie’s culinary inspiration stems from the stunning surroundings of Syracuse, New York and the famous Finger Lakes region where she joyfully sources all of her “fresh is best” ingredients that she turns into fresh, flavorful, and fabulous Lebanese foods that makes you feel good from the inside and out making for a much healthier, happier and harmonious lifestyle!

Julie Taboulie’s, Taboulie is sure to be the best that you have ever tasted in your life as samples will be served to all audience attendees. Also, immediately following her performances you can join Julie at the Visit Syracuse booth for a fun meet and greet, personalized autograph signings, photo ops and free fan swag giveaways!

About Julie Taboulie
Hailed as the “Queen of Lebanese Cuisine” Celebrity Chef and National Public Television Personality, Julie Taboulie made television history by producing and premiering her Emmy-nominated and multiple award-winning national cooking show series “Cooking with Julie Taboulie.” This pioneering program is the first, and only, Lebanese and Middle Eastern program currently airing nationwide in the United States and Canada on American Public Television and Create TV. Presently, she is in production with her brand new culinary and lifestyle series “Julie Taboulie’s Lebanese Kitchen” scheduled to premiere nationally on American Public Television and Create TV stations in the spring of 2016. She is also writing her highly anticipated debut cookbook by the same name with a major publisher scheduled to be released in the fall of 2016.

As an authority on Lebanese, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines, Culinary Star Julie Taboulie is a sought-after spokesperson working with world-renowned global food brands, along with national and international culinary and lifestyle leaders. Julie Taboulie creates, writes, shoots and produces her shows in the Greater Syracuse, New York area, where Julie lives. Her shows also feature the stunning sights and scenes of Syracuse, the famous Finger Lakes region and Central New York; one of the many reasons why the New York State native is the official Ambassador of Visit Syracuse and their new destination brand “Syracuse. Do Your Thing.”

Born Julie Ann Sageer in the United States, to an immigrant Catholic Lebanese family, Julie is first-generation and full-blooded Lebanese-American who has been immersed in learning, making and sharing Lebanese cuisine and culture all her life. Join the joyful Julie Taboulie at and become a fan and follower of her Facebook family at