Seminar: Financial Health and Wellness Part 2


March 7, 2016


Financial Health and Wellness Part 2
Presented By Mitchell Solomon, VP of Foresters Financial

Topics Include:
• What can I do to make sure that my finances are secure as possible?
What wealth building strategies should I consider?
Is inflation a key concern?
How should I be looking at investment opportunities?
Is it too late for me to create a retirement plan?

A deeper look into creating a solid foundation of good financial health preparing you for the most comfortable future possible. Get the answers to these questions and solidify your financial housekeeping.

Mitchell Solomon Bio:
Mitchell has been working for Foresters Financial for 18 years as both an advisor and at the corporate level. He is currently a Senior Vice President and Regional Sales Director of the NY metro Region.

His focus is both helping advisors work with clients by developing long term relationships through product offerings and expanding the Foresters sales force by adding new advisors. Foresters continues to grow nationwide and their expansion is hinged on adding quality individuals to the organization. These individuals can reward themselves by helping others secure long term financial goals.