Seminar: Alternative Paths To Parenthood Using Donor Sperm And Eggs


August 29, 2017
Alternative Paths To Parenthood Using Donor Sperm And Eggs – Your Options For Getting Pregnant
Presented by Roksan Aydelman, Kiaya Roberge & TJ Gibson, Cryos International USA
Cryos International Sperm and Egg Bank has been helping LGBT couples create the family of their dreams for 30 years, and we’re not stopping now. Stop by to learn more about your options for alternative paths to parenthood. Ranging from home insemination to fertility clinics and frozen donor eggs for surrogacy – if you have been thinking about having children, there is a good chance we have the right solution for you. With sperm and egg donors of every race, ethnicity, phenotype and personality, you’re guaranteed to find the ideal match for you – and our free extended profiles ensure that you can take your time learning about them.
Our Client Services Lead Kiaya Roberge will also be available to answer any question you may have about the process, from selection to delivery and everything in-between.