Seminar: A Blunt History of Gays in the U.S. Military


March 2, 2016


A Blunt History of Gays in the U.S. Military
Presented By Sgt. First Class Denny Meyer, Activist, historian and gay Vietnam Era veteran

Activist, historian and gay Vietnam Era veteran, Sgt. First Class Denny Meyer will give a blunt and engaging history of gays in the military from the Revolutionary War until now. You won’t have to be a history buff to be drawn in.

Denny Meyer Bio:
The son of WWII Holocaust refugees, Denny was reared bilingually in the mid 1940s post WWII immigrant community on New York City’s Upper West Side with the belief that, “there is nothing more precious than American Freedom.” He has been an activist for 55 years, starting with his first march with CORE at the age of 13 in 1960; battling for Black civil rights, women’s rights, transgender rights, and LGBT military and veterans rights. His military career started when he volunteered in 1968 and lasted for ten years. In that time he served in the Navy and Army Reserve with a final rank of Sergeant First Class.

Sgt. First Class Denny Meyer, a disabled veteran is the outspoken editor of and is the national Public Affairs officer of the American Veterans for Equal Rights, the LGBT veterans group, and Transgender America Veterans Association. He has has spoken at universities and colleges including Brown, Columbia, Harvard, Hofstra, Lehman (CUNY), University of Southern California, and George Washington University, among other venues.