Main Stage: Dante To Perform


February 26, 2016


Performing live, for the first time on our main stage, it’s Brooklyn’s own, Dante.

Dante has always been surrounded by music and dance. Throughout his life he has taken an interest in the arts and found an affinity for the pop and EDM world. Dante’s first single, Party In My Pants, which was released in June of 2011 was a catchy, fun and energetic electro-pop tune that was a guaranteed party starter. This single paved the way for the release of his mix tape, Silver Lining, which featured more club smashers as well as the inspirational song which was also the name of the mix tape.

After many performances he was given a chance to network with other underground artists. In 2013 as a result of his networking, he and a female rapper by the name of Tokyo Kho collaborated and released the exciting pop and rap crossover track called “Only for The Night”. The track produced by DJ Shaw-T played in clubs in from Houston Texas to New York City, as well as played on numerous online radio stations. When this catchy track would play through the speakers there was no way anyone could stay still.

Dante took a hiatus from releasing music to develop his overall skills and focus on expanding his range in the entertainment field. While working on developing his self, in 2015 he was introduced to the non-profit organization, “Genderswag”. Working with Genderswag, he was allotted the opportunity to dominate the stage at a concert held at the iconic Stonewall Inn. Shortly after this performance, he returned to the studio and in October 2015 released the track “Creature of the Night”, a eerie yet energetic song to celebrate Halloween. As an extra treat he also released a remix of DJ Makj J and Henry Wong’s “Encore” to announce to the world that he is back! Since then he has also done another pop/ rap cross over track with a rapper, by the name of Jemini, called “Wake Up” that paid homage to the Eurythmics hit single “Sweet Dreams”.

Now in 2016, Dante is continuing his momentum with his Valentine’s themed tracks. First song “Captured My Heart” is aimed for the audience who believe in love. The second song “Pure Satisfaction” pays homage to Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction”. This song is a crowd pleaser that insinuates a sexual vibe while still getting the listener moving.  This is the year Dante is striving to be the best he is capable of and has his sights on dominating the music industry. With his high energy and demanding stage presence he is here to take over the world of music!