Exhibitor Spotlight: Jennyvi New York


February 24, 2016


Jennyvi Dizon is the woman behind the Jenny label. Sewing has always been a  part of her family heritage that started with her father who has an experienced tailor in the Philippines. At age 5, Jennyvi learned how to sew and her love of creating beautiful gowns started a lifelong dream. It was out of pure love for her craft that made her start her own custom bridal gown business in 2003 at age 22 and has been making wedding gowns ever since.

“Before I was able to sew, I witnessed what I thought was a meaningful experience on a daily basis. Growing up, I was always in my father’s work studio and believed that Emmanuel Dizon was the best tailor in the world. It gave me great joy to see him work and I know that my talent comes from his own love of creating. As a child, I was always curious of his talent to take fabric and give life to something that would otherwise just lay flat on the table. I saw him cut out garments even without a pattern and I knew then that I wanted to follow in his footsteps. My father didn’t realize that letting me watch him work was a gift that I will never forget he gave me.

It is the gift of love that is sewn into each gown I create. It is the gift of loving each moment of the creative process from start to finish that makes me treat each gown as if it were my child. Each gown that I design was created from my mind, but it was my heart that gives each one of the life it deserves.”